Cloud Web Scraper

Our Cloud service offers the best rates and results for data scraping and extraction purposes. We make it easy and affordable to get you up and running instantly. Simply create a login for our Cloud Service, create your sitemap in our FREE Chrome Extension, copy and paste your sitemap in our Cloud Service, and let it run. We also offer our services making your sitemaps should you need the assistance.

Our pricing is simple, after creating your logon you can purchase blocks of pages to be extracted. Our service will let you test your sitemaps for free, so you will not be charged while testing. After you purchase your pages, you can submit your sitemap for scraping. You can even set it to run on a regular schedule! Each page that your sitemap traverses will deduct one page credit from your balance. Below is our pricing for purchasing blocks of page credits.

We do recommend all sites be tested thoroughly in our free Chrome Extension before scraping with our service to ensure accuracy.

Click the link below to register, and purchase pages.

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