The Instrumental Role of Big Data in Our Lives

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Enormous amounts of data that traditional data-processing application software is not capable of dealing with, that is used for analyzing to reveal trends, patterns, associations of especially human behavior and interactions. The subject of Big Data and the usage has increased highly over recent years. With the immense development of technology and the large sets of data that are processed every day, the questions of how to take advantage of it is on everyone’s mind, regardless of the industry.

The Health Industry - Improving Health

It is no surprise that the health industry is one of the most important sectors to which Big Data is crucial nowadays. Big Data might not be the direct gateway for discovering a cure for a virus recipe; however, the great power of big data analytics allows scientists to decode entire DNA strings in minutes which will enhance the process of finding new cures and to better comprehend and predict disease patterns. Also, such technologies and gadgets, apps that promote healthier living have become a sphere of many technology companies, such as Apple, helping health organizations and scientists to compile data for health studies and researches. Such mobile applications as Apple’s health app “ResearchKit” turns the users’ phone into a biomedical research device, providing huge amounts of iPhone user data for researchers to conduct different studies and research on human behavior of different health aspects. Such powerful combos and their constant development have and continue to change industries. It might be that in the future clinical trials would not be limited by small sample sizes but could potentially include everyone!

The Sports Industry - Entertainment

One of the biggest human interest bonding industries is sports. Big Data analytics allows companies to create technology that enhances player health conditions, strength, and caution of injuries. For example, the NFL has developed their own platform of applications that facilitate all 32 teams of creating the finest decisions based on everything, starting from the conditions of the grass of the fields, to the weather conditions. Also, thoroughly creating statistical data about individual player performance while in university. Such Big Data is used simply in the pursuance of better game strategies and as well for reducing player injuries. All for the spirit of sports and entertainment! 

The Coronavirus Pandemic

Big Data has become essential for overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic. Statistics that update everyone in near real-time of worldwide cases is an excellent example of how Big Data is used. In such times it is vital that people bond and embrace togetherness whilst self-isolating and keeping a 2-meter distance. With the technology available nowadays, it has been able to tell about how and where the virus is spreading; therefore, easing ways of containing it and alerting nations. Creatively harnessing the power of Big Data of using temperature detection from smart thermometers for COVID-19 hot spot detection, or cellphone location data aggregation for pointing to the areas of the parts where people are staying home. It is hard to imagine a world of such times without the ability to use Big Data, but it, without any doubt, plays a massive role in helping to fight the pandemic.

These are only some aspects of Big Data usage, there are many more to explore and find information on. However, it is no lie that technologies and the usage of Big Data is developing and shaping the digital as well as the real-world in many ways. 

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