Web Scraper 1.29.66 release - Updated Link Selector

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Hey there! We've got some major news to share with you that will up your scraping game. We're thrilled to introduce the latest and greatest version of Web Scraper. Take your experience to a new level with the newly updated Link Selector and more.

FEATURE: Link Selector can now extract links from other attributes, attributes with scripts and text

To start off with the biggest update - Link Selector. Now, not only this can be used to extract data from structured links but also apply this to elements, where the link can be found within an attribute or as a text. To do so, create a Link Selector as usual and, if the link is not nested in a conventional way, select the appropriate option from the 'Link Type' dropdown below.

This will allow you to grab and scrape links for those tricky sites, where the structure of the page does not follow the conventional way of structuring a site.

FEATURE: When deleting a sitemap a confirmation pop-up will be shown

Accidental sitemap deletion is no longer an issue, as a confirmation pop-up now is prompted when a sitemap is being deleted

DEPRECATED: Pop-up Link Selector has been removed 

To comply with the new Chrome MV3 introduction, the pop-up Lnk Selector has been removed from the extension. In all use cases, the pop-up selector should be fully substitutable by the new and updated Link Selector. 

CHANGES: Improved mouse click simulation.

And that is it for this feature release! Stay tuned for the next update where we will be bringing more improvements. As always, we would love to hear your feedback, so do not hesitate reaching out to us. Happy scraping!

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