Web Scraper 1.75.7 release - post-click link access

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Exciting Updates Alert!

We're thrilled to announce some powerful features and enhancements in our latest Web Scraper update!

Check out what's new:


1. Selector grouping.

Our new misconfiguration modal is here to save the day. It pops up when multiple selectors with multiple options are in play, offering you a seamless solution by grouping them under one efficient element selector.

2. New Link and Pagination types.

Unleash the power of dynamic link extraction with our cutting-edge link type and pagination type - Link from any script. This feature is a game-changer when the link can only be determined post-click. The extractor takes charge, performing the click and monitoring network traffic to pinpoint the page's navigation. It elegantly handles window.open() and window.location= for a hassle-free experience.


1. Improved scrolling accuracy.

We've revamped the scrolling mechanism to ensure it doesn't skip frames, especially when dealing with heavy rendering on the target page. Enjoy improved performance as you navigate through your tasks seamlessly.

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