Web Scraper 1.79.3 release

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New Update: Web Scraper 1.79.3

Web scraping enthusiasts and data aficionados, rejoice! The latest release of Web Scraper, version 1.79.3, brings several enhancements and fixes.


1. Improved Link Extraction.

The update introduces refined link extraction from script data, ensuring a smoother extraction experience even in tricky scenarios.

2. Simplifying sitemap management.

Now, you can effortlessly sync your sitemaps with the new sync button directly within the sitemap editing view, saving you valuable time and effort.


1. Enhanced Page Load Detection.

We've tackled issues related to page load detection, preventing the scraper from incorrectly signaling a page as loaded when AJAX data is still loading. Your scraping process just got more accurate.

2. Optimized Data Export

We've ironed out any inconsistencies, addressing issues related to slow data export.


1. Input Validation Refactoring.

Hats off to our dedicated team for completing input validation refactoring! With cleaner and more robust input validation mechanisms in place.

So, whether you're a seasoned data professional or a novice explorer in the realm of web scraping, Web Scraper 1.79.3 empowers you with enhanced features and improved performance. Upgrade today and experience the difference firsthand!

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